Gerhard Becker
Niddablick 33
60431 Frankfurt am Main

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Becker Übersetzungsdienst has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. But of course we are happy to be there for you all across Germany and beyond.

The advantage for you: our interpreters and translators live all over Germany – and in our translations, we also like to employ translators who live and work in the respective target language countries.

Thanks to our good connections to the US, we can even take advantage of the trans-Atlantic time lag for your projects.

25 years experience in translation and interpreting

Becker Übersetzungsdienst was founded in 1988 by Gerhard Becker. Prior to that, he had spent two years at a US university (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) where he earned his first merits as a translator.

Today, the team of Becker Übersetzungsdienst comprises more than 100 free-lance translators and interpreters for a great variety of languages and the most diverse professional and topical focus areas.

Over the past 25 years, we have done projects both in Germany and abroad for the following industries and areas, just to name a few:

  • Market research institutes (automobiles, construction materials, beverages, IT, consumer goods, health and personal care products, pharmaceuticals)
  • Financial institutions (banks, private equity funds, open-ended real estate funds, investment banking, BaFIN)
  • Notaries public (wedding agreements, real estate purchasing contracts, corporate charters)
  • Press conferences
  • Works council meetings with the participation of their international corporate officers
  • Real estate (consultancies, real estate brokers)
  • Law firms (General Terms and Conditions, employment contracts, extrajudicial depositions, testamentary contracts, mergers and acquisitions, creditors’ meetings, court decisions)
  • Anniversary events
  • Educational institutions
  • Legal authorities (judicial proceedings, complaints, writ of summons, sentences)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Training sessions
  • Corporate guided tours
  • Insurance companies
  • Advertising agencies

For private clients, we can provide certified translations, e.g. birth and death certificates, reference letters, school and university certificates, marriage documents etc.

We are working for you in Germany and abroad, especially in Belgium, France, the UK, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and the US.